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I refuse to be too old to internet (a GenX adventure)

I made some new friends on Twitter who communicate primarily via animated GIFs. Eager to fit in, I decided to learn this mysterious new language. First, I spent way too long searching for just the right GIFs online. Next, I tried to practice by texting some to Corey. I later learned that the Android text messenger app we both use doesn’t support animated GIFs, but first, Corey and I had the following text adventure. (I like to think of it as a sneak-peak into our retirement years.)

Corey: I’m watching Bob Ross’s Joy of Painting on Netflix. You know, to get stoked for painting the hallway tomorrow. 😉 Don’t be surprised if you end up with some happy little trees somewhere.

Me: Ok. <3

Me: tumblr_nl46lbMr9Y1upxwm8o1_400

Me: Does that work?

Me: I think it’s just a still. Dammit.

Corey: But all I can think about is how the ‘fro is a lie.

Corey: 2049-MMS-1472886187000-attachment1-1472886167773191201165

Corey: Does what work?

Corey: Bob Ross? Sure.

Me: I sent you a gif I downloaded of Cordy but it is just a still picture I think.

Corey: Ah, just came. It was indeed a still.

Corey: Did you get mine yet?

Me: Pic of Bob Ross? Yes. 🙂

Corey: Damnit, it too was a gif. Or supposed to be.

Me: I refuse to be too old to internet. We have to figure this shit out.

Corey: Apparently we are too old for this bull shark.

Corey: Look, we just have to internet like the geezers we are. I’m OK with this.

Me: Nope.

Corey: I mean, just look at us, having a text conversation, in our house where we are together. Just like millennials do it. 😀

Me: 😀

Corey: Maybe first we have to master all-emoji texting.

Me: Lol

Later . . . 

Me: 1472887578321-1468469472

Corey: It could, but not tonight apparently. 😉

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