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I had a gray eyebrow hair.

I plucked it, along with those few dark hairs at the corner of my mouth; the beginnings of my grandma moustache. While there I noticed a real laugh line running from that corner up to the outer edge of my nostril. It’s deeper in some spots than others.

No one notices because I smile so much, but here in the mirror at 11 PM, face slack, I see it. And I wonder: why don’t I have dimple wrinkles? They get the same workout as the curve that made that line.

I’ve had a box of supermarket hair dye on my bathroom counter for ten months. In my twenties I colored my hair for an afternoon’s amusement, for a change.

This is the first box I’ve purchased to stop a change.

Keep it the same. Ignore the gray hairs I’ve earned in the past four years. When I use it, it will cover my gray — fool them all like a great bra.

No aging here; move along.

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  1. I don’t want to even HEAR about it. I’ve been covering up grey hair for at least five years now.
    Although I did notice this past week how many wrinkles I have.
    I’m still sexy as hell, though. 😛

  2. And so it begins. The maintenance is a lot of work, but worth it. Not counting how I physically feel sometimes, no aging here either.

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