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Fever Dream

I’m pregnant and right now I’m also sick, so I nap a lot. This afternoon I dreamt that I had to collect everyone’s retirement incentive responses via Facebook.

The first problem with this is that I deleted my Facebook account several months ago, because I hate it. I have enough trouble keeping up with my real social obligations without feeling guilty for not tending other people’s virtual gardens or sending them enough clever bumper stickers.

The second problem with this is . . . NOOOO, DON’T MAKE ME WORK THROUGH FACEBOOK!!! . . . . Ahem.

Anyway, I woke up amused by the idea of creating a “Human Resources” Facebook account with spying eyes as the avatar and then sending friend requests to all of the employees at my organization, just to see what they would do. Mwha ha ha! Catbert hits Web 2.0.

Ahhh, I’ll save that one for the “someday” list. It has possibilities.

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  1. Penny Penny

    OMG! Didn’t know you were prego. When did this happen? When is the next addition coming? Do you know if it’s a boy or girl (are you going to check)? CONGRATULATIONS!!!! =)

  2. Holly…I love your posts!! Please keep them coming, even in the midst of a new child!! You are wonderful!!

  3. Holly Holly

    Thanks, everyone. 🙂

    Pen, baby is due April 11th. I hope to find out the sex this Friday.

    Judy, thanks. I hope to write more soon. I’ve been sick again recently and feel like I’m never going to get back to “normal” or at least acceptable energy levels. But I know I will.

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