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Some questions answer themselves

Last night I was complaining to my husband that my latest Women of HR post only had one comment while the post before it had 15. “. . .Of course,” I continued, “the post before it was about authenticity in social media — being read by a bunch of people who participate in social media Read More

Writing for my work self

I am proud to be among the contributing writers for the Women of HR blog. It’s a wonderful site run by some smart, funny women I first met two or three years ago on Twitter. (There are a ton of fabulous HR professionals on Twitter.) They’ve run two of my pieces so far and I Read More

Fever Dream

I’m pregnant and right now I’m also sick, so I nap a lot. This afternoon I dreamt that I had to collect everyone’s retirement incentive responses via Facebook. The first problem with this is that I deleted my Facebook account several months ago, because I hate it. I have enough trouble keeping up with my Read More

The type of jokes HR folks tell

Human Resources people and employment attorneys should be smart enough not to tell you a dirty joke, but we do get a chuckle out of stupid or crazy employment law cases. Yesterday at the NPELRA conference Legal Update session, the presenter referenced the National Law Journal's top 10 wackiest employment law cases. The article is Read More

In Search of Networking Angels

I am tremendously bad at networking. This is ironic because I love to talk and usually have no trouble meeting people. As anyone who knows me in person or from Twitter knows, I can talk about my kids, my pets, books, what’s on TV, yap yappity yap yap all day long. Yet put a business Read More

Things I’ve done for a dollar

I recently made a list of all the types of jobs I had before going into Human Resources. It’s fair to say that my early “career” fit Wayne Campbell’s description of his own: I had an extensive collection of nametags and hairnets. The list is mildly interesting, so I’ll post it at the end, but Read More