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Some questions answer themselves

Last night I was complaining to my husband that my latest Women of HR post only had one comment while the post before it had 15.

“. . .Of course,” I continued, “the post before it was about authenticity in social media — being read by a bunch of people who participate in social media –and my post is about systems theory, using a dental practice as an example.”

He looked at me. “Uh-huh.”

In case you’d like to read it anyway (and I hope you do), here’s the link:

The Tale of Discount Dental

At work we offer two dental plans. The first one is the plan you hear jaunty radio ads for; the name-brand plan. Nearly all of our employees choose it. The second plan is the discount, HMO-type dental plan that yeah, we offer, but very few employees select. The second plan has a bad reputation . . .

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