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Katherine is a teenager in Texas who has been my Twitter friend for almost three years. She is in the final stretch of her Senior year and wrote a fantastic “day in the life” blog post today that you should read if you, like me, are not a teenager. Especially if you (like me) peeled out from the driveway of your own teen years as quickly as possible.

There is a writers’ maxim that writing about the specific makes one’s story universal. I’m 20 years older than Katherine; when I graduated high school in 1991 a different (much shorter) war was ending (and if I had to see one more yellow ribbon anywhere I was sure I was going to puke). I was in Utah, not Texas, and the details of my life were different. The details don’t matter here, because it felt the same: suspended, waiting for this farce to end and “real life” to begin.

That last stretch of school took for – ev – er . . . until it was suddenly over.

Hang in the air with Katherine from tinytowntexas for a moment, and remember your own stagnant Spring:

A day in the life.
The substitute in my first period class reads aloud a Bible verse in an attempt to make sense of recent news. She apologizes afterward. The bell that marks the passing of class periods has been turned off for the sake of AP testing and the weather dips into the fifties, which would leave the student population off-kilter on any normal day. This isn’t any normal day . . . .

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