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A rant for the end of September

I am not going to black out my social media and stay offline for a day “to show what the world might be like without women.” First of all, whether or not I’m on social media on any given day is dependent on my mood and my stress level and is of no consequence to Read More

Standing Letter to My Elected Officials

I sent this letter to my Senators and U.S. Representative today, but since the idea is that it’s my only letter, I thought I’d also post it here. Plus it gives me something to post — this blog is beyond neglected. Senator Maria Cantwell Senator Patty Murray Representative Denny Heck Dear Elected Officials, You are Read More

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Some of our Halloween decorations are still up. That’s not unheard of for our family – we do like to make the holiday last – but it is a bit late in the year. I told my husband I was going to buy flag lapel pins for the zombies in our yard to celebrate Veterans Read More


Last week I did this thing – this big thing, which I was anxious about, and had to psych myself up for – and it was hard. I hated it. When it was over, I felt a sense of accomplishment and relief. A few people congratulated me, or said they were proud or impressed. A Read More

Big Love, Huge Censorship

Yesterday I spent too much time reading articles online about the fact that Mormons worldwide are in an uproar over Big Love’s plans to depict their temple endowment ceremony on TV. Today I spent about an hour trying to write a thoughtful blog post about it, but I kept veering off-topic into my own experiences Read More

Taking a moment to look back

In honor of the upcoming Inauguration, here’s a post I wrote on February 14, 2008 after seeing Obama speak in person. Once you read it, you may be able to imagine how shocked I was by his victory on Election night. I didn’t believe it was real until the next morning (and I walked around Read More