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    Garden Update (with bonus Triceratops)

    I’ve got a ton of pictures to catch you up on my garden. First, a shot from May 31: Next, a comparison shot from June 13: Also on June 13 I found this guy in my garden: Free-range triceratops are one of the many hazards that come with raising small boys. Today (June 23), my garden looked like this, an amazing change from the first photo I posted here: . . . and we have our teeny, tiny first fruits: Cayenne pepper Bell pepper Strawberry (the first to turn red before being eaten by slugs) Finally, I’ll leave you with some crazy peas, crazily and inexpertly staked:

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    Ask Me What I’m Growing

    At work I team-teach a course called Prepare Training.* It’s a great course, I truly enjoy teaching it, and yes, I think you should have it at your workplace.** One of the messages of the course is when bad stuff happens around you, don’t let it inside. If it does get in, then you need to get rid of it appropriately. The phrase from the materials is something like, “Find positive ways to release stored negative energy.” Stress relief, baby. When I teach this I mean every word I say. I’ve just been terrible – awful – about living it. I release stored negative energy through food: I stuff my…