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Garden Update (with bonus Triceratops)

I’ve got a ton of pictures to catch you up on my garden. First, a shot from May 31:

Next, a comparison shot from June 13:

Also on June 13 I found this guy in my garden:
Free-range triceratops are one of the many hazards that come with raising small boys.

Today (June 23), my garden looked like this, an amazing change from the first photo I posted here:

. . . and we have our teeny, tiny first fruits:
Cayenne pepper

Bell pepper

Strawberry (the first to turn red before being eaten by slugs)

Finally, I’ll leave you with some crazy peas, crazily and inexpertly staked:

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  1. Georgia Georgia

    Looks great! I hope that is a slug-hunting triceratops and is not the culprit that has been nibbling your lettuce lately.

  2. Penny Penny

    I always love comparison pictures – I do it every year with my flowers. It seems I get impatient and don’t realize how much growing they’ve been doing, until I take the monthly photo… Great job!!

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