I mentioned this on Twitter when I discovered it a few weeks ago: Clocky, the alarm clock that runs away from you. I can't stop thinking about it. For several weeks it seemed that no matter how early I set the time on my alarm, I would not get out of bed until 7:00 AM. This past week Read More


I had a gray eyebrow hair. I plucked it, along with those few dark hairs at the corner of my mouth; the beginnings of my grandma moustache. While there I noticed a real laugh line running from that corner up to the outer edge of my nostril. It’s deeper in some spots than others. No Read More

Talk to publishers! See your face in a comic (maybe)!

I have nothing to do with this, but I think it is really cool and I want to tell everyone I know about it: My favorite web comic, Unshelved, is asking its readers to answer the question, "What do you wish publishers knew?" Then they'll make a comic out of the answers and publish it Read More


Balance is a difficult thing. For me that is literally as well as figuratively true; I’ve always been a klutz. But I’m talking about life balance: time, priorities, attention. Beyond the bare minimum of caring for myself I can only focus on one thing at a time. Too often, the rest falls apart. I can Read More

Things I’ve done for a dollar

I recently made a list of all the types of jobs I had before going into Human Resources. It’s fair to say that my early “career” fit Wayne Campbell’s description of his own: I had an extensive collection of nametags and hairnets. The list is mildly interesting, so I’ll post it at the end, but Read More

Taking a moment to look back

In honor of the upcoming Inauguration, here’s a post I wrote on February 14, 2008 after seeing Obama speak in person. Once you read it, you may be able to imagine how shocked I was by his victory on Election night. I didn’t believe it was real until the next morning (and I walked around Read More

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